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Help Pit Bulls

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Pit Bull Athletics Help Pit Bulls


In order to start tearing down the negative reputation of Pit Bulls, we first must educate ourselves and strive to educate others on the true nature of the breed. Pit Bulls are the most demonized dog breed in the world and deserve much better.


Donating to Pit Bull welfare organizations can greatly benefit Pit Bulls by helping them recieve things like essential treatments and tests. Pit Bulls make up a large percentage of sheltered animals and many lack access to the most basic care. Donations are tax deductible and take very little time.


The best way you can help Pit Bulls is to rescue one of your own! Pit Bulls are great companions and can be a great addition to any family. Just make sure to learn the Pit Bull's history and become educated on how to properly train your new friend.

The Pit Bull Blog

The Pit Bull Blog was created to be a great source of information for anyone looking for articles surrounding Pit Bull care, adoption, training and much, much more. The blog also contains articles about general animal adoption and how to help your local shelter.