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How to Prepare for Dog Adoption

How to prepare for adoption pit bull athletics

Rescuing a dog can be one of the happiest moments in your life, but also one of the most stressful. It is the responsibility of the new owner to create a welcoming and safe environment for the new pet, in order to build a strong relationship with your dog right from the start. In this post, I will be outlining some of the best tips surrounding adoption prep.

Home Prep

Before bringing your dog home, it is important that your residence is in the proper condition for a dog to live in. For one, make sure that where you store food is inaccessible for the dog. The last thing you want is to come home one day and have your pantry wiped out by your new friend. Next, create an area where the dog will sleep. For the first 4-8 months of ownership, your dog should be crated (sleep in a cage) in order to become comfortable in your home before being allowed to sleep freely. One final tip on home prep is to begin getting in the habit of closing doors of rooms you do not want your dog to have access to. This may take a while, but starting before you adopt will allow for more time to develop the habit.

Shopping Prep

Preparing to shop for your dog will seem intimidating at first, but after a while, it will be like clockwork. Before bringing your new pup home, make a list of necessities which should include the following and more:

  • 2 dog bowls (1 food, 1 water)     
  • Plenty of poo bags                   
  • Dog food and treats
  • Dog toys 
  • A leash  
  • Collar with your phone number, address and the dog's name           

The shelter will also be able to provide you with any other information you need, such as which food to buy and any medicine or prescriptions the dog needs.

Training Prep

The last form of preparation you need involves training. When rescuing a dog, the level of training will vary from dog to dog, which makes your ability to train the dog right away very crucial. Becoming well-versed in training is easy in the age of the internet, so use resources like youtube and online articles written by professionals to build your knowledge of training. Along with that, do some breed-specific research to understand more of the behaviors and tendencies of your new friend.

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