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The Benefits and Drawbacks of using a Belt

Blog - The Benefits and Drawbacks of using a Belt
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Weightlifting Belts have been a part of Weight Training for several decades, with an overall increase of their usage due to the growing popularity of the powerlifting community. Belts allow for increased safety while lifting heavy, and usually increase the user's strength. Although there is no doubt belts can greatly benefit any lifter, it is important to look at the potential drawbacks that may come as collateral. This blog post will cover both the pros and cons of using a lifting belt.


Increased Spine and Lower Back Protection

Perhaps the most substantial benefit of using a lifting belt is its ability to keep your lower back tight and secure during heavy lifts. Injury to the lower back during Squats and Deadlifts is very common in the fitness community and using a belt almost completely negates the danger of injury to that area. 

Better Core Activation

Along with Lower Back protection, using a lifting belt also encourages better core activation. With your core engaged, you will be able to lift heavier weight with less strain on your joints. Increased core activation is the main reason many lifters are stronger when using a belt, and the reason you won't see a powerlifter squatting or deadlifting without one during a competition. 

Better Form

The last major benefit of using a lifting belt is its ability to biomechanically adjust how the user lifts, leading to better form and a lower risk of injury. The belt's ability to keep the spine and lower back neutral leads to less back-rolling during deadlifts and less forward lean during squats. Having proper form is extremely important for any lifters longevity and injury-prevention



Reliance on the Belt

The largest drawback of using a lifting belt is over-reliance. Constantly lifting with a belt can lead to the belt becoming a crutch for the body instead of an aid. In addition, if your body becomes too reliant on the belt, lifting without a belt could lead to injury if the lift is not performed properly. In order to make sure your body doesn't become over-reliant, use a lifting belt only during heavier lifts.

Strain on Joints 

Although a lifting belt allows you to lift heavier weight, that heavy weight can lead to strain on the joints. Sore joints can lead to major injuries and problems later in life, so caution when lifting heavy is crucial. It is imperative to have a lifting regimen that doesn't require lifting that your body can't handle, as well as allowing for ample recovery time. 


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