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5 Exercises to Trim Down Love Handles

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Love Handles are the sections of fat that surround the hips and are possibly the most hated part of the human body. Love Handles are notorious for being impossible to eradicate, and are usually one of the last parts of the body to lose fat when dieting or cutting. Although targeting fat loss is impossible, there are ways to develop the surrounding muscles in order to make the love handles disappear and show off that V-taper. This post reveals 5 exercises to show your love handles who's boss.

Exercise 1: Weighted Side Bends

Weighted Side Bends

The Weighted Side Bend can be executed with any form of weight but is easiest with a plate or dumbbell. Holding One weight at a time, lower and raise the weight by contracting and extending your oblique muscles back and forth. Make sure to complete reps holding the weight in both hands. This exercise is crucial for developing the obliques which, when underdeveloped, cause for love handles to show.

Exercise 2: Russian Twists

Russian Twist

Russian Twists are another core exercise that focuses on the obliques. Once again, find a weight ranging from 10-50 pounds (5-20 KG) and twist the weight from side to side in the position pictured above. The heavier the weight the fewer reps or amount of time you will be able to complete. However, these factors don't matter as long as you're feeling the burn in your core and obliques.

Exercise 3: One-arm Dumbbell Row

One arm dumbbell row

Although this is primarily a back exercise, the one-arm dumbbell row also works the core significantly. When completing the exercise, make sure to pull the weight towards your lower lat to engage the muscle as much as possible. Along with supplementally engaging the core, this exercise will develop the lower lats which will give the illusion of smaller hips/love handles.

Exercise 4: Side Plank/Hip Up

side plank

The side plank and hip up are both crucial exercises to utilize when you are trying to get rid of stubborn love handles. While both exercises have the same stance, hip ups involve movement whereas the side plank involves holding the finishing position of a hip up. Both are difficult exercises but are extremely effective at burning calories and developing a strong and toned core.

Exercise 5: Band Axe Chops

Resistance Band Twist

Band Axe Chops, or Band Twists, are the best core exercise involving resistance bands. Along with being a great exercise for athletic training, Band Twists develop the entire core and really test your core strength. Make sure to "chop" both ways in order to work both obliques, and you can also combine this exercise with one-armed band punches. Overall, this is a must-include in your love handle shredding workout.

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