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4 Supersets For Increased Workout Intensity

Supersets for muscle-building and intensity - Pit Bull Athletics Blog
Super setting is the act of completing two different exercises in one set. This means that you do two exercises before resting. Super sets are different from drop sets, which is completing the same exercise twice in one set, after lowering the weight. Super sets have become an extremely popular training method in recent years, due to their efficiency and ability to build muscle and burn more calories than standard training methods. In this post, I will cover 4 super sets that are excellent for increasing the intensity of your workout while building more muscle.
(Disclaimer: due to the intensity of super setting and stress they put on the central nervous system, make sure to not overdue them during any given workout)

1. Barbell Shoulder Press to Dumbbell Side Raise

This super set is a killer for shoulders, and is perfect for anyone trying to build big and defined shoulders. The barbell press acts as the heavy compound movement, which targets the entire shoulder. After you complete the shoulder press, immediately pick up dumbbells (on the lighter side) and do side raises. The side raises act as a perfect complement to the barbell press by isolating the medial deltoid.

2. Barbell Row to Dumbbell Shrug

Similar to the first superset, this super set uses a heavy compound exercise as the initial exercise. In this back-based super set, the barbell row is used as the compound exercise that targets the entire back. After completing the barbell row, pick up dumbells and do shrugs to failure. The dumbbell shrug is an isolation movement for the upper back, which includes the rear delts and the traps.

3. Alternating Dumbbell Hammer Curl to Light Barbell Curl

This super set is a great way to build muscle in the biceps. The heavier dumbbell hammer curl acts as the compound movement in this super set, with alternating arms allowing to lift more weight. After failure on the hammer curls, pick up a light EZ-bar or flat bar barbell at a light weight. The barbell curls will target the peak of the bicep, so it is crucial to find a weight that you can curl with perfect form (no swinging).

4. Leg Press to Dumbbell Lunges

Leg super sets can be difficult, and it is not recommended to super set a barbell squat due to the high energy expenditure of squats. With that being said, Leg Press is a great compound movement to super set with. Place your feet high on the leg press to focus tension on the glutes and hamstrings, and after completion, pick up a light set of dumbbells and complete 5-8 lunges on each leg. The lunge will isolate the quad muscle, which will be a great complement to the hamstring-focused leg press.

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