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4 Drop Sets for Increased Muscle Development

4 Drop Sets for Increased Muscle Building - Pit Bull Athletics Blog
Drop Setting is a training method that involves immediately lowering the weight of your current exercise in order to get more reps of the exercise before failure. For example, imagine you are doing side lateral raises with 25-pound dumbbells. Once you cannot do any more reps with the 25-pound dumbbells, you pick up 15-pound dumbbells and continue doing side lateral raises until failure. Not only does Drop Setting allow for increased reps, it develops better muscle endurance and can help isolate smaller muscle groups for increased muscle building. In this post, I will go over 4 Drop Sets that can be extremely beneficial to you and your gains.

1. Dumbbell Chest Press

The Dumbbell Chest Press is an excellent exercise to Drop Set because of the different effects on the muscles of heavy and light weight. When you use heavy weight, all the muscles involved in pushing (shoulder, chest, triceps) work together to move the weight. However, when you lower the weight, the muscles will become more isolated depending on your form and grip.

2. Leg Press 

If you're looking for an effective Drop Set for Leg Day, look no further than the Leg Press. It is the best leg exercise to Drop Set with due to the ease of removing weight and the burn that you get throughout your entire leg. 

(Note: Avoid Drop Setting Squats due to pressure they put on the lower back and joints)

3. Tricep Pushdown

The Tricep Pushdown is another great Drop Set to really develop the arms. Biceps are seen as a show muscle and what many lifters focus on but in reality, the bicep only makes up about 25% of the upper arm. Having a developed Tricep is great for aesthetics and may also increase your power in pushing exercises such as the bench press.

4. Lat Pulldown 

Last but certainly not least is the lat pulldown Drop Set. This drop set is perfect for developing the upper back. The great thing about this drop set is that it truly hits your lats to failure. Many times when you go heavy on the lat pulldown you leave a lot in the tank, so this Drop Set allows you to put everything you have into the exercise. This, in turn, will lead to more long-term gains.


To wrap this post up, make sure to remember that Drop Sets heavily tax your body and Central Nervous System, so make sure to limit the amount you do in any given workout. I recommend to only do 1 set of drop sets for any exercise, and 2 only if you're workout sessions are on the shorter side.

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